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Top 5 Bullet Vibrators

Good things come in small packages. This saying is definitely true when it comes to bullet vibrators because they pack a great deal of power for such a small device. Moreover, bullet vibrators have various areas of use and can be used both vaginally and clitorally. And to top it off, they are easy to clean!

We made a top 5 of bullet vibrators to make it easier to get a bullet vibrator for you.

5. Teardrop Bullet With Smoke Controller

Teardrop Bullet With Smoke Controller

This bullet vibrator is not just cheap: it is extremely cheap. In fact, it is cheaper than a pack of condoms. However, being inexpensive doesn’t mean that it’s not effective, which has been verified by thousands of customers.

The only downside is that this silver egg is connected to the controller by a wire. If you mind that, consider a wireless option. Otherwise, it is a great bargain.

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4. 7-function Twin Turbo Bullets

7-function Twin Turbo Bullets


Have you ever dreamed of having a menage a trois with beautiful twins? These Twin Turbo Bullets are probably not what you fantasized about, but they can still bring a lot of fun. You can use different vibration settings for each bullet at the same, stimulating two sensitive zones simultaneously.

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3. Berman Athena Waterproof Mini-Massager

Berman Athena Waterproof Mini-Massager


Can an inexpensive sex toy give you an orgasm? Well, the Teardrop Bullet With Smoke Controller and this Athena Waterproof Mini Massager prove it to be true with absolute certainty. Of course, a traditional vibe would also do the job, but the low price make it one of the best toys on the market.

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2. Lelo Lyla 2

Lelo Lyla 2

Why is this toy from the pioneers of designer adult toys, LELO, so good? It is what you have searched for and haven’t found in the Teardrop Bullet With Smoke Controller – a wireless remote control! Needless to say, the 39 feet range is very convenient, as well as multiple SenseMotion modes.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for adventure, which we will leave to your imagination.

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1. Pocket Rocket

Pocket Rocket


We are sure you have heard about the Original Pocket Rocket since it is one of the most popular sex toys that ever existed. It’s also a great bullet vibrator for beginners that is not only affordable and discreet but extremely efficient as well!

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