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Pumped Classic XL Extender Pump Transparent Clear

Pumped Classic XL Extender Pump Transparent Clear

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Product Details

  • Weight, lb: 1.06
  • Length, in: 13.40
  • Width, in: 3.15
  • Features: Latex Free, Phthalate Free, Single Entry
  • Manufacturer: Shots Toys
  • Color: Clear
  • UPC: 8714273291875
  • Brand: Shots Pumped
  • Genre: For Men
  • Material: PVC, Silicone

Product Description

The Pumped line is here to impress with a fantastic assortment of penis enhancing devices.

Clinical studies have proven that vacuum erection devices will give instantly harder erections, cause temporary flacid enlargement and can increase permanent penis augmentation. According to the American Urological Association, these devices may also be useful in cases where such PDE5 drugs as Viagra have failed to work! 

Doctors view the penis pump as a safe, effectual and cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction and state that the prolonged use of these devices will enhance the size of the penis permanently. Other advantages of the PUMPED selection are, amongst others, delayed ejaculation, improvement of sexual appetite, boosting of testosterone, the maintenance of longer and harder erections and the supporting of penile tissue after prostate surgery. PUMPED, for instant results!

With a total cylinder length of 13.4 inches and an inner diameter of 3.15 inches, this high quality augment pump means business and gives you ample possibilities to grow in both directions! The insertion sleeve is made of smooth and flexible silicone for easy insertion. Equipped with a transparent extra long vacuum the pump allows you to see your penis grow to an unexpected length and width! The hand held pump has a quick release valve for your comfort. Surprise yourself on how big you can get!

The differences in pumps, from the new Shots brand Pumped, explained!

Balloon Pumps - PMP001 and PMP005 (XXL)

Also known as the squeeze ball pump, or bulb pump. This is the most common type of device around in the market. It is essentially a little ball that you squeeze to activate the vacuum action, designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The more you squeeze, the tighter the sleeve around your penis becomes. This method is the most economic but less effective way as it is harder to achieve the desired vacuum for extended periods of time. 

Trigger Grip Pumps (2 Quality Versions) PMP002 and PMP003

The trigger grip, gives more power than the traditional bulb pump. It will work to create a more effective vacuum seal in a shorter amount of time, so it will take less pump action to reach your desired level of hardness. It is easier to maintain control over the amount of pressure in the cylinder and a cheaper option than a pistol grip pump. It also has a more comfortable grip than the ball mechanism, meaning you can pump for longer without as much risk of cramping. This is a good compromise between price and power.

Pistol Grip Pumps PMP004

The pistol grip, gives more power than the trigger grip pump. It will work to create a more effective vacuum seal in a shorter amount of time, so it will not take many pumps to reach your desired level of hardness. It is also easier to maintain control over the amount of pressure in the cylinder and a cheaper option than an electric pump. 

Electric Pumps (Rechargeable) PMP009

The main selling point of any electric penis pump is that it's going to be completely handsfree, allowing you to focus on the sensations rather than concentrating on pumping with a bulb, trigger or pistol grip handle. Just preset the desired level of pressure and watch the pump do all the work. 

Gauge on Pumps (All 3 Trigger versions) PMP006, PMP007 & PMP008

If you own a penis pump without a gauge, think about upgrading to a pump with a gauge for more control. It will add considerably being able to establish a routine that is more consistent from session to session. This makes it more likely to avoid pumping at a higher vacuum level than you might have intended. Increase the vacuum level a little at a time, but never too much! (this is where the gauge would come in handy). You can not rely on a sense of stretch to know how much vacuum you have applied. Pain or discomfort is not a reliable sign that you are overdoing it. This can happen well before that! 

Phthalate free. The high quality pumps from Pumped are the only in the world with a smooth silicone insertion sleeve. The soft sleeve creates an airtight seal against your skin creating incredible suction. This high quality pump has a comfortable hand held balloon pump and a quick realese valve for your comfort. The total cylinder length is 13.4 inches and the diameter is  3.15 inches.  Free of phthalates and water resistant. All Pumped products are produced from high quality silicone and PVC.

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